When I Was Young, I Loved…

It’s Wednesday but does anyone else wish it was Friday already?!
The one good thing about Wednesday, is you guys get to join me in this TOP 5 WEDNESDAY POST! This week we will be discussing our book crushes when we were younger. You guys know I do a man crush Monday post for my current literary crushes but my all time one will most definitely make a reappearance! Continue reading “When I Was Young, I Loved…”

Ryder Damien


It’s Monday! I have the best thing to give you a jolt this morning…no, not coffee! (We need to discuss your caffeine addiction issues btw) I have a new Man Crush this Monday and he was brought to my attention by the talented Beverly Jenkins. His name is Ryder Damien!
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Dean Orleans


Oh Good Evening! Did you miss me? Fine then! I didn’t miss you either. Okay, well maybe a little bit but I have something for you. It is Monday, which means I have a new Man Crush Monday for you! I feel like everyday has its own special magic. On Wednesday’s we wear black, on Fridays and well…everyday, we drink wine and on Mondays…we ogle men! This week’s Man Crush Monday is the charming and devilishly handsome…Dean Orleans!
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Trent Rexroth


Greetings Everyone! Your man candy will be coming toward the end of your day, but it shouldn’t matter because morning or night, a Man Crush Monday is still a Man Crush Monday! This week’s man crush Monday is pretty impressive, if I do say so my self (I do!) I found him in an LJ Shen book and I would like to share him with you, his name is Trent Rexroth.
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Kai Mori


Happy Monday Friends! Monday is a great day for anyone who stumbles onto this page because you get the privileged of getting a delicious Man Crush Monday! Am I objectifying men? Yes, yes I am.I recently read Penelope Douglas’s Hideaway (Review coming soon!) and now I love Kai even more! So, my MCM this week is Kai Mori.
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John Tucker


Is anyone else having a super groggy start to Monday? I don’t know what is going on with that today. Anyway, Hi guys! It’s time for Man Crush Monday! I actually had another MCM scheduled for today, but then I read The Goal and changed my mind. So, let me tell you about John Tucker….not this one though
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Elec O’Rourke


Hello! How are ya?!?! This is a late Man Crush Monday post!Now, in my defense, it is still Monday, so my lateness is not super late…it is more along the lines of tardy for the party. Anyway, now that we have located and pointed out the elephant in the blog, let me introduce you to Eelec, my man crush Monday…for this week!
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