Elec O’Rourke


Hello! How are ya?!?! This is a late Man Crush Monday post!Now, in my defense, it is still Monday, so my lateness is not super late…it is more along the lines of tardy for the party. Anyway, now that we have located and pointed out the elephant in the blog, let me introduce you to Eelec, my man crush Monday…for this week!
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Brian Oliver


Happy Monday everyone! I have found a new song to release my madness to, so I am super hyper right now! I want you all to know that if you read my Happily Ever After Review then this comes as absolutely no shock to you. I stunted a whole book review just so I could gush over this man today. My Man Crush Monday this week is Brian Oliver!
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Aiden Graves


Monday,Monday…so good to meeee. What has caused me to break out in song? Several things;
1. I am going bookshelf shopping in a couple of hours at Ikea
2. I have several new books on their way to me (this means I can post a tbr soon)
3. Most importantly It is Man Crush Monday!
I have a bad habit of picking out my MCM of the week, then I read something and just throw that book boyfriend to the side for my newer one, today’s mcm was chosen this same way. My MCM this week is Aiden Graves. Continue reading “Aiden Graves”

Chuck Bass

It’s Monday! Man crush Monday, My men Monday, Many fine men Monday…okay maybe the last one was pushing it. It is time to share my many literary male crushes with you. I was thinking about who I would choose this week and decided to go with my blast from the past favorite book bad boy. While I am not one to swoon over bad boys, Chuck Bass is a cut above the rest. Continue reading “Chuck Bass”

My Number 1 MCM

Greetings this fine Monday! I have come to accompany your fine Monday with a Fine Man for today’s edition of Literary Man Crush Monday. So today, my blog is one month old

And to celebrate I have decided to introduce you all to my number 1 literary crush. He is my first book boyfriend and still is. I get a lot of judgments because people like to rain on my parade, but listen he is bae so you keep your evil thoughts to yourself! You don’t have to understand our love! Continue reading “My Number 1 MCM”

Galen Vachon

Greetings this fine Monday! If you regularly follow my blog, then you know that today is the day for my Literary Man Crush Monday! If you do not regularly follow my blog YET, get it together! I have admitted before and will shamelessly admit again that I am an avid fan of all things Beverly Jenkins and it will come as no surprise to anyone that my MCM for this week is from one of her novels. This week, my literary MCM is Galen Vachon.


Book/Series: Indigo

Author: Beverly Jenkins

Name: Galen “Black Daniel” Vachon

Age Range: 33-35

Occupation: Free-er of slaves, Underground Railroad Expert Continue reading “Galen Vachon”

Literary #MCM

I am an active member of a book club called the Literary Savants, and every Monday I do a Literary Man Crush Monday. As an avid reader, it is absolutely unavoidable to find crushes/husbands/boos/boyfriends in the books we read. So, this is the day I take to shine a light on these delectable specimens for existing in literary format and for giving my exes and potential next high standards to meet.

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