Booktube Made Me Do It

Books I Purchased/read Because Of Booktube:

OMG Y’all, I actually have 5 books for this Top 5 Wednesday post! Yes, I know you are proud of me because I am not being anti today! If you aren’t just pretend like you are, kthanks. This week’s top 5 Wednesday post is about the 5 books that booktube influenced you to read. I am going to be…myself and take it a step further by adding books that booktube made me buy/read. Continue reading “Booktube Made Me Do It”

They Look Like This!

Favorite Fancasts:

Oh hey y’all! I did a thing today…I won’t call myself out this time. I will let you guys call me out…if you dare. So this week’s top 5 Wednesday is about posting actors/musicians/models/ whoever you feel best fits the role of a specific character. if my explanation makes no sense, just scroll on down and you will see what I mean! Continue reading “They Look Like This!”

What Is It Even About?

Books Read w/o A Synopsis:

Greetings and Salutations! I told myself I can go a week without doing a T5W post and that was my plan. So there I was, cozy in bed feeling like I should be writing my Top 5 post…and now here I am!why was I not going to do it? I don’t know, I just like giving myself weird challenges and feeling like a bad ass when I do them. This week’s post is about books that contain a synopsis that are spoilers, don’t accurately explain what the book is about, or books that I picked up and ignored the synopsis all together. Continue reading “What Is It Even About?”

September: I Hope I Read

Well Hello! It’s September already…1 more month til my birthday! This is not what I am supposed to be discussing, let me focus. Alright, this month I have a calendar and some other organizing things to keep me focused on what I need to read, so here is hoping I am actually able to stick to my TBR more.

I actualy did way better at completing last month’s TBR though, so…yeah
Now that I am done praising myself and telling you stuff you didn’t come here to read, let me show you my TBR.

Continue reading “September: I Hope I Read”

How I Choose My Books

Bienvenue à ma blog! I took french for four years just to say that, you proud? I was tagged by the lovely Nerd @ Nerd Narration to do this Tag. I always feel special when I get tagged in these things because it makes me feel like I have friends outside of the ones in my head.

I am unsure if this is a rule, but I will be featuring books I have yet to reference (This means no Crazy Rich Asians, ALTHOUGH YOU SHOULD READ IT!

Continue reading “How I Choose My Books”

Transitioning from YA to New Adult

Over the past few months, I have been going through a phase I dubbed “The New Adult Experience”.

I picked up a book called Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas and I loved it! I spent most of my time reading it gasping and I was permanently in this position

After reading this book, I learned two things:
          1. It was not a young adult anything.
          2. I kind of like this genre. I want to read more.

This is how my “New Adult Experience” phase began and now I would like to give you a list of 5 books to assist you if you ever make the decision to transition…or if you pick up a book that you were told was YA only to read graphic sex scenes some chapters in. There are many sub-genres of New Adult but my experience has comprised of New Adult Romance. If you are an old adult, feel free to read these, as you have no qualms with reading Young Adult.

Yes, I did call you old. Continue reading “Transitioning from YA to New Adult”

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