How To Lie to Yourself…Unconvincingly

Oh hey! It’s me! The girl who said she was back and blogging in full effect. Half of that is true; I am back. My work schedule has been nuts so I am pretending I know what organization looks like and attempting to go back to figuring out a blog schedule. Hmm, I think those are all my excuses for today. well, there may or may not be some further down in this post.

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June Book Haul

It’s a collection of books I was fortunate enough to buy because…minimum wage job. Anywho, I will be posting the books I have acquired this month (I took pictures of all except 1 because it is a double up). I purchased 17 books; 2 were from Owlcrate and 1 was from Uppercase. The 18th book was a book from my mommy. The rest of the books were purchased from either Amazon, or BookOutlet. I also had a mishap but I will explain further down…this means KEEP READING!
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