My Beverly Jenkins List

One More Day Before We Pig Out!
Hi! How are you? That’s nice. I didn’t really care how you were but I was taught that it is polite to ask. So, I did! Now that you have been slightly disappointed, I shall cheer you up with my list of Beverly Jenkins books. This week’s Top 5 Wednesday post is actually for books I am thankful for and because I am thankful for all the books I own, I thought it was fair to focus on the author that is most prominent on my shelf! FEEL FREE TO PASS THIS LINK TO MS. JENKINS HERSELF Continue reading “My Beverly Jenkins List”

Raimond Le Veq


It’s Monday! Wake up and shake it all off!! If you are unable to, allow me to give you some delicious caramel to feast your eyes on. My man crush this Monday is one of my new favorite Beverly Jenkins’ men Raimond Le Veq!
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Eli Grayson

Y’all, choosing a MCM is actually not an easy job! So today, I was here reading Made You Up by Francesca Zappia (review and buddy read commentary soon to come) and then I was like oh crap, I have to post my MCM. Then I realized my second problem, I did not plan out my blogs this week so I have no MCM! So I am thinking it over… I have to think it over because there are a lot of book men I love…anyway, I realize I never introduced you guys to my boo. Allow me to introduce you guys to Eli Grayson. Continue reading “Eli Grayson”

Galen Vachon

Greetings this fine Monday! If you regularly follow my blog, then you know that today is the day for my Literary Man Crush Monday! If you do not regularly follow my blog YET, get it together! I have admitted before and will shamelessly admit again that I am an avid fan of all things Beverly Jenkins and it will come as no surprise to anyone that my MCM for this week is from one of her novels. This week, my literary MCM is Galen Vachon.


Book/Series: Indigo

Author: Beverly Jenkins

Name: Galen “Black Daniel” Vachon

Age Range: 33-35

Occupation: Free-er of slaves, Underground Railroad Expert Continue reading “Galen Vachon”

A Second Round of Applause


Basic Overview:
Title: A Second Helping
Author: Beverly Jenkins
Pg. #s: 400
Book Format: Paperback
My Numeric Judgment:   







There are more blessings. Continue reading “A Second Round of Applause”

Literary #MCM

I am an active member of a book club called the Literary Savants, and every Monday I do a Literary Man Crush Monday. As an avid reader, it is absolutely unavoidable to find crushes/husbands/boos/boyfriends in the books we read. So, this is the day I take to shine a light on these delectable specimens for existing in literary format and for giving my exes and potential next high standards to meet.

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