How I Judge

I love reading books and judging them. I am told not to judge a book by it’s cover, so I judge the content and then judge the cover (often times when the content is trash the cover is as well). Majority of the posts on this page will be reviews, better yet judgments. I feel as a book consumer, the best thing one can do is review the books they read in order to inform the author of what their consumers like and what their consumers dislike. I rate books based on the Goodreads star system, I don’t do half stars because…meh.

Ratings & Meanings:

1 Star: What the hell were they thinking when they wrote this?

2 Stars: Why do I make such poor book life decisions?

3 Stars: I was entertained, so you get a pass.

4 Stars: OMG! This would have been fantastic, if only…

5 Stars: This book is so dope that on a scale of evens, I can’t!


I am very honest about how I feel about a book. If the book evoked very little passion from me, the review will also have very little passion. If the book evoked negative/positive passion from me, that is what the review will reflect. My judgments on books are strong because I enjoy reading and hate to see people fuck up what could have been a good book, so please feel free to be butt hurt if I happen to drag your favorite book, this may cause you to reach out to the author and tell them to do better next time!

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