Dean Orleans


Oh Good Evening! Did you miss me? Fine then! I didn’t miss you either. Okay, well maybe a little bit but I have something for you. It is Monday, which means I have a new Man Crush Monday for you! I feel like everyday has its own special magic. On Wednesday’s we wear black, on Fridays and well…everyday, we drink wine and on Mondays…we ogle men! This week’s Man Crush Monday is the charming and devilishly handsome…Dean Orleans!
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Booktube Made Me Do It

Books I Purchased/read Because Of Booktube:

OMG Y’all, I actually have 5 books for this Top 5 Wednesday post! Yes, I know you are proud of me because I am not being anti today! If you aren’t just pretend like you are, kthanks. This week’s top 5 Wednesday post is about the 5 books that booktube influenced you to read. I am going to be…myself and take it a step further by adding books that booktube made me buy/read. Continue reading “Booktube Made Me Do It”

Aiden Graves


Monday,Monday…so good to meeee. What has caused me to break out in song? Several things;
1. I am going bookshelf shopping in a couple of hours at Ikea
2. I have several new books on their way to me (this means I can post a tbr soon)
3. Most importantly It is Man Crush Monday!
I have a bad habit of picking out my MCM of the week, then I read something and just throw that book boyfriend to the side for my newer one, today’s mcm was chosen this same way. My MCM this week is Aiden Graves. Continue reading “Aiden Graves”

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