Lettuce Prey: An Ode to My March TBR

Greetings and Salutations my fellow voracious readers!

I wanted to do a February Wrap up, but that was an abysmal 3 books so I decided to bypass that and just post my TBR for March.

March TBR

The bigger images are my most anticipated books, and the smaller ones are books that have been shelved for what seems like ages! I know, my poor books… and I just keep buying more…

I am currently reading The Belles… I have thoughts about it already but I will save those for a later date. I am also ridiculously excited to read A Girl Like That… I have been waiting on that book since I first heard about it early last year, and IT’S FINALLY IN MY HANDS!

Without purposely underselling the other three books, I am not going to discuss why I want to read them again, as I feel like I have had them on TBRs before and never did read them.

What is your most anticipated book in your TBR?

Until Next time BOOK Monsters,

16 thoughts on “Lettuce Prey: An Ode to My March TBR

Add yours

  1. I have way too many books on my TBR, its overwhelming since I want to read all of them like now! 😉

    I would say I am most looking forward to The Book Thief (although will probably not get to it until next month as I overbooked myself on NetGalley and with a few arcs…oops)

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  2. My tbr is overwhelming huge too. I’m really looking forward to reading The Death of Life (The Little Things That Kill #2) by Pamela Crane. I loved the first book in the series.

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  3. My TBR list is too big and I stupidly keep on adding to it. This month alone I’m reviewing on 10 blog tours, and that’s not including all the other books that I need to get reviewed that are not on tour. Next month is worse – doh.


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