Hey Everyone! This is me attempting to do my first read-a-thon of this year!

So, I was browsing the booktubes and came across a bunch of people discussing the Contemporary-a-thon, and so I decided the Sunday night before it began that I too would like to do things!

chelseadolling reads came up with this challenge and here are the challenges/ rules:
1. Read the most recent contemporary that you purchased/acquired
2. Read a contemporary book with pink on the cover
3. Read a hyped contemporary book
4. Read a diverse contemporary book
5. Read a dark/taboo contemporary
6. Read a contemporary(ish) graphic novel
7. Read a contemporary book that has been recommended to you (If you need a recommendation, I recommend: The Hating Game, Attachments, The Princess Diaries, The Sky is Everywhere, and Honor Girl!)

I will be reading a

Diverse Contemporary Book

which also counts as my Hyped Contemporary Book

A Contemporary Book That Was Recommened To Me

That is actually all the pressure I am willing to put on myself at this moment. I know right?

If I get through these two and decide to add more, you will find out in my wrap up!

Ciao Book THOTS!

8 thoughts on “Contemporary-A-Thon

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  1. Have fun! I just finished my first readathon yesterday: #25infive 25 hours of reading across 5 days, so much harder than I expected and involved a few sleepless nights but I managed to do it! This one sounds like fun too.


  2. I guess I never thought of the Princess Diaries as contemporary. I have a hard time defining this genre for some reason, so I tend to leave it alone. But I would like to read more contemporaries this year 🙂


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