Brody Easton

Back at it again with the male crushes of Mondays! Haiii everyone! I am back with my tasty fictional men of literature. It has been a nice break of just fantasizing over my men and keeping them to myself, but it is less fun without others to gush about them to. My man crush Monday this week is a handsome, rugged, football player named Brody Easton.

Justin Maina

      Book/Series: Tied

Author: Vi Keelande

Name: Brody Easton

Occupation: Football Player

Likes: Footbll, Food (carbs), Dropping his towel for women, and verbal volleyball

Dislikes: drugs, drugs users

What makes him attractive:
I have a serious thing for men who have a great wit and that was the first great thing about Brody. He has a soft side for his family or those he considers family and a deep understand and respect for what is important in life. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the whole quaterback thing with the six pack and such is a fantastic reason to idolize him but I am trying to not completely objectify my male characters here.

Reading about how hard he fights for himself as well as those around him warmed my heart and made him my top candidate for today’s MCM pick.

Have you chosen a literary MCM for this week? Who is it and why?

Ciao Book THOTS!

5 thoughts on “Brody Easton

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  1. Arturo Piatti from the short story, Kracken and Canals, by Anne Renwick. I chose him because of 1. it’s the only fiction book I read this week, 2. He’s Italian and fights a monstrous squid to save his woman.
    **Welcome back. Love me some #MCM**


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