How To Lie to Yourself…Unconvincingly

Oh hey! It’s me! The girl who said she was back and blogging in full effect. Half of that is true; I am back. My work schedule has been nuts so I am pretending I know what organization looks like and attempting to go back to figuring out a blog schedule. Hmm, I think those are all my excuses for today. well, there may or may not be some further down in this post.

The end of last year, as I was daydreaming about all the new awesome things I would be doing on my blog,

I decided I would participate in The 2018 A-to-Z Reading Challenge.  So below, are links of the books I have read and discussed via Goodreads. (If you love me you’ll read them, like them, and add me there. If you don’t love me…well we know you do!)

1. Real Friends by Shannon Hale
2. We’re Going to Need More Wine: Stories by Gabrielle Union
3. Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds
4. Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older
5. Breathles by Beverly Jenkins
6. I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual by Luvvie Ajayi

There are two more that I have read since I wrote this portion, but I am stuck on what to say about one of them so I will just update it later on. In total, I read 8 books so far this month. That’s less than what I am used to but I’ll kick it up sooner or later.
Now, let’s discuss how I tell myself these splendid lies that I don’t even know if I believe. I bought 13 books in the month of January. While shopping on BookOutlet, I told myself i would stop at 5. 10 books later, I was promising myself I was buying no more books this month. After all, it’s not like I can read all of my books at one time.

Not even a week later, I found myself on amazon…just browsing was what I told myself i was doing. The very next day, 3 books were dropped by my gate. This is my complete haul. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Question for the Masses: How many books did you promise yourself you would buy this month? Are you a liar too? Let me know!

Ciao Book THOTS!

24 thoughts on “How To Lie to Yourself…Unconvincingly

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  1. I’m doing the A to Z challenge too. You’re doing better than I am though.

    That book haul looks lovely, and that gif made me laugh out loud. So true.

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  2. The benefit of kids is they take all your money so there is none left for books 😦 But I did read some great books last month. Thirty in total.

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  3. I told myself I wouldn’t buy any. Granted I buy ebooks. I didn’t even want to download any for free! Between free, ARC’s, and sales I bought 12. (bows head and walks out backward)

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  4. Last month I told my none, and I bought 8. This month I’m telling myself none again, but the itch has already started since I found out I’ll be adding a new shelf to collection (a early Valentines day present).

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  5. lol I absolutely love your post. I actually got sent a gift card on amazon from a friend of mine, and I bought a few e-books on my kindle this month. So I technically didn’t buy books with my own money this month. Thank you so much for sharing.

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