Tyler Grace


Monday has come! We now have an opportunity to oggle a new man for this week! Not to worry, I have you covered. I have found a man for you to enjoy and hopefully you can enjoy him as much as I did. His name is Tyler Grace and he is not a conventional beauty.

      Book/Series: Tied

Author: Carian Cole

Name: Tyler Grace

Age Range: 28

Occupation: Animal Rescue

Likes: Solitude, Silence, Saving Animals

Dislikes: loud Noises,People Openly Staring, Pointless Conversation

What makes him attractive:
I love a flawed character. Not the flawed ones that are disrespectful twats who are rude to everyone and are just all around jack asses, no. I love the ones who have been through things and are guarded and a little wounded and slightly soft and slightly hard. Those are the type of men I read about and want to yell “Take me!” Ty is a damaged man in every sense of the word. He had a terrible accident when he was younger and feels guilty about his selfish behavior as a teenager. He prefers to live in isolation but shows his care through his artwork and care for his animals. He is like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast…minus the abusive part. he is self conscious about his scars so he covers one side of his face or wears a mask in order to avoid the open stares of people when he goes out to the public. He just wants some alone time and one other person to be alone with.

Have you chosen a literary MCM for this week? Who is it and why?

Ciao Book THOTS!

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  1. Oh Monday Monday Monday. My choice for this week is actually a real person. 24 years ago, yesterday I had my last date. A month later, I had my last roommate and six months later I had my last day as a single lady. So in honor of my hubby, this week I choose him as my #mcm

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