Realease Blitz: Sleeping Lord Beattie

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Sleeping Lord Beattie

By Em Taylor
EM TAYLOR brings you
an amazing new series of Regency stories based on the fairy tales you loved as
a child.
Young ladies of good
breeding do not kiss gentlemen in their bed chambers even if they have been
asleep for three weeks. One would think Lady Emily would know that. One would
think Lady Emily would not have entered Lord Beattie’s bed chamber alone. One would
have thought that kissing the handsome viscount would have been the last thing
she would have done.
But kiss him she did.
And that was when the apothecary walked in. All of which meant she had to marry
Lord Beattie.
Why the silly little
chit had kissed him when he’d been out cold for three weeks, the Lord alone
knew. And now Gideon, Viscount Beattie had to marry the outspoken little minx.
But there was something a little charming about her. The problem was, her uncle
was after his hide, the peasants were revolting – in the rioting sense, not in
the disgusting sense – and he really needed to procure some grain from up
north. He may as well kill two birds with one stone and elope with the
interesting, frustrating, irritating and thoroughly delightful Lady Emily –
soon to be Viscountess Beattie. It would be an interesting journey.
book has no magic in it. While loosely based on a fairy tale, the story is
gender-swapped and there are no paranormal happenings.
Author information:
Em was born and
brought up in the Central Belt of Scotland and still lives there. She was told
as a child she had an overactive imagination–as if that is a bad thing. She’s
traded her dreams of owning her own island, just like George in the Famous Five
to hoping to meet her own Mr Darcy one day. But her imagination remains the

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