Raimond Le Veq


It’s Monday! Wake up and shake it all off!! If you are unable to, allow me to give you some delicious caramel to feast your eyes on. My man crush this Monday is one of my new favorite Beverly Jenkins’ men Raimond Le Veq!

       Book/Series:Through The Storm

Author: Beverly Jenkins

Name: Raimond Le Veq

Age Range: Mid 30s

Occupation: Sargent

Likes: Women, Justice, Government Issues,

Dislikes: Disarray,Racism




What makes him attractive:
Beverly Jenkins has a knack for writing men that you just want to marry or at least kidnap to have your way with. Raimond was so charming. I love a witty man and he embodied that well. My inner feminist is beating me up for even saying this but I like a man to know I am not easily attainable and chase me. I don’t mean in a Jason manner either because see? Not attractive! Raimond had that hunter instinct. he saw a woman he liked and he pursued her…tactfully. I was hoping he would chase me but alas, I am not in the book!

Have you chosen a literary MCM for this week? Who is it and why?

Ciao Book THOTS!

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