Could We Go Somewhere Else?

Creepy Book Settings:

Greetings and Salutations this fine Wednesday!
I feel like everytime I see the word Wednesday, I should get a bottle of wine… I don’t know why. Any way, this Top 5 Wednesday topic is about creeptastic settings in books. My answers may be odd, but that shouldn’t surprise you at this point in our relationship…yes we are in one of those…Hi boo

Library of Souls

To be fair, this entire book was creepy not just the setting. However, a tomb of souls is pretty flipping creepy.

Go Set A Watchman

They had Klan members! If the klan is there, I am spooked!

I Hate Fairyland

First, everyone needs to read these comics. They are the most hilariously saddistic things you ever did get your hands on. Fairyland is a land where anything bad you can imagine…happens.

Is this called Top 5 Wednesday? Yes. However, I only got three because I no longer wish to repeat the same books over and over and also…lazy!

What are some creepy book settings you have encountered?


Ciao Book THOTS!

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