Kai Mori


Happy Monday Friends! Monday is a great day for anyone who stumbles onto this page because you get the privileged of getting a delicious Man Crush Monday! Am I objectifying men? Yes, yes I am.I recently read Penelope Douglas’s Hideaway (Review coming soon!) and now I love Kai even more! So, my MCM this week is Kai Mori.

       Book/Series: Hideaway

Author: Penelope Douglas

Name: Kai Mori

Age Range: 24

Occupation: Business Owner

Likes: Japanese Swords, Steak, Cooking, Combat

Dislikes: Betrayal, Organized Religion

What makes him attractive:
I need to first figure out where to begin. I need y’all to understand that I first loved Kai when I read Corrupt, but I thought that was just because I like the silent, strong type…and the main character was a dickhead. Kai was so focused and he had an actual conscience. I was literally salivating over him while reading this book. I love how caring he is and how aggressive he is as well. He is like… a rebel with a cause! Through this book he was so protective and the more I learned about him the more I adored him. I love a man who takes responsibility for both himself and his actions….ugh I am getting old!

Have you chosen a literary MCM for this week? Who is it and why?

Ciao Book THOTS!

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