What Was That About Restriction?

I wasn’t actually expecting to get many books this month. I promise! What ended up happening was, I received gifts, won giveaways and ARCs and then spoiled myself a tad and 22 books later we have my September Book Haul! Don’t you shake your head at me, I held some restraint because I could have bought 2 copies of one book because the covers were different but I didn’t!

Joy of Books
The title you aren’t seeing is The Curse of Sacerdozio by Glen Aaron and I won it in a raffle! I know! Me! I won something! The Marrow Thieves is a book I picked up because I realized that I have only read one book about Native Americans that wasn’t disrespectful so I saw this one and thought “This looks good!” Oh yeah! The Simone Elkeles book! I fell in love with her books my senior year in High School and when I saw a book by her… I bought it. That seems like a justifiable reason to me.

Joy of Books 2
Omg! I was so excited because I found a newer Lurlene McDaniel book! I used to devour her books and now I have a new one!

Then there is the Gene Luen Yang book because I have sworn to myself that I will read everything he puts out! The rest of these were my gift to myself because… I am still thinking of a reason.

Joy of Books 3
Enter Title Here looked really good to me but I have heard quite a few people didn’t like it. Their reasoning never has anything to do with the writing but with the main character. I am honestly super curious because sometimes I love books most people hate and other times I hate books most people love. the rest of these books I was gifted. By gifted, I mean I chose but I didn’t pay. I chose them all because they are pretty!

The books I didn’t take pictures of were books I bought again because I lent them out and they were never returned. The rest were ARCs.

What was your haul like this month? Did you practice restraint?

Ciao Book THOTS!

9 thoughts on “What Was That About Restriction?

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  1. I bought Wonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer
    Y is for Yesterday Sue Grafton
    Forged Alliances by Kathrine McIntyre
    Murder in Absentia by Assaph Mehr
    Moonburner & Sunburner by Claire Luana
    Behind the Mask by Robbie Cox
    Captivated Crimson by Brynn Myers

    Five of these were given to me for reviews so that makes it easy on the wallet.

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  2. I was adamant with myself that I was not going to go mad this month after my excessive August book haul. I even went as far as saying no books apart from continuations in the couple of series I’ve started. Well that didn’t stick however I didn’t get as many as I did last month so that’s a bonus (I think). Oh well there always this month 🙈
    Gemma @ http://www.gemmasbooknook.blogspot.com


  3. I really resisted And didn’t buy anything this month but relied entirely on my Library. Also got about 9 ARCs from Netgalley, so there was no dearth of books to read. Doesn’t seem like I ll be able keep up the resistance in October coz it’s still the 1st and I have already ordered The Power by Naomi Alderman.

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  4. Congrats on your book wins! I also received a few books through wins this past month and was super over the moon because of it. I had too many to name this time around, but a few were YA’s, General Fiction, and some new coloring books… it was a good month for books 🙂

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