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Welcome to my first book tour! I have never had one before so in true ME fashion, I had to have a mini party for myself about it. Now that that’s over, I will tell you about the actual book.



Basic Overview:
Title: The Siren Chronicles Book 1

Author: Douglas J. Sloan

Book Format:Paperback

My Numeric Judgment:

This book contains sirens, not mermaids.







While leading the clean up of the worst oil spill in California history, Marine Biologist Elias Courtney stumbles upon the unthinkable. A beautiful young woman, washed up on the desecrated beach, tangled in the black seaweed, is still alive, but barely. What would possess someone to enter these black poisonous waters, the cause of so many innocent creatures’ demise? For that matter, how IS she still alive? How long has she been under the water?
As Courtney soon finds out — her entire life. In fact, this is the young mermaid’s first time on land.
Lorelei — along with companions, Seanne and Millisine — has travelled a long way to walk these scarred shores. Now separated by the horrific oily mess that only humans could have caused, the three sirens must struggle to stay alive as they attempt to navigate this strange new world. They must reunite and begin the “Earthquest” that is their reason for being on land. Their underwater home is sick, dying off at an alarming rate. And whatever is causing the near extinction of the last remaining mermaid colony, clearly originated from exactly where they find themselves.
Edward Titan had waited decades for this moment. All three have arrived, hopeful and innocent, completely unsuspecting. Soon the ocean’s strongest, smartest and most intuitive sirens will find themselves up against years of festering anger and hatred. Titan’s retribution will be swift and brutal. And it will mean the end of an entire civilization. The Sirens’ Song will soon be no more.
THE SIREN CHRONICLES: BOOK ONE, is the exciting first installment in a series of SIRENS books that will follow these miraculous young heroines across the globe, both above and beneath the ocean. As they try desperately to stave off a psychotic creature bent on destroying the planet, they discover new species, battle old enemies and face challenges they never could have imagined.


Excerpt from CHAPTER 5
Due to a weather pattern humans called El Niño, that caused changes in water temperature, Oceanna’s hydro-communications system had been non-functioning for several days. To the humans above the surface, El Niño meant a winter of storms, flooding, and generally nasty, unpredictable weather. To the mermaids, it was a dangerous thermal shift in their environment that could mean sickness and even death. Living in water that remains too warm for a protracted period can be disastrous. Fortunately, the effects of this El Niño had been short-lived and were already beginning to dissipate. However, the power facility, which required cool water to operate, had exhausted its reserve tanks and something had to be shut down. The communications systems were among the first to go, pre-empting the need for the colony to leave their homes and search for cooler waters at the deeper reaches of the ocean floor.
What this lack of communication meant for Seanne, Lorelei, and Millisine was more danger. With no concrete intelligence, they could not be certain it was safe to travel away from the city at all. The Empress had nearly postponed their quest. However, unbeknownst to the other two sirens, Seanne, in a heightened state of false bravado, had met with and convinced the Empress that there was nothing to worry about. The other two had almost requested their own audience to object, but chose to trust the Empress’ judgment. Surely, she would not allow them to put their lives at risk unnecessarily. As the three swam quietly and steadily, staying perpendicular to the current lines on the ocean floor, they became less and less certain the right decision had been made.
As they pushed on, Lorelei raised her head catching sight of some- thing that caused her to stop in her own wake. “Wait,” she called to the others.
Seanne looked back and rolled her eyes. “What is your problem?”
“Turn around, Seanne, toward shore,” Lorelei answered. Seanne obliged and what she saw caused her to look away for a moment and then back again, just to make certain her eyes were focusing correctly.
In front of the three mermaids, seemingly out of nowhere, appeared what can only be described as a black hole. Up until this point in their night’s journey, the undersea world had been illuminated by the glow from a bright summer moon. What was ahead of them was a sudden darkness that voided their ability to make out anything at all.
They stared for a moment before Millisine broke the silence. “I don’t think it’s kelp…”
“Of course, it’s kelp,” snapped Seanne. “What else could it be?”
“It’s black,” Millisine argued, as forcefully as the meekest of the three ever argued. “Besides, we’d be able to see light shine through if it were Kelp. We’d see patterns on the floor from the moon,” she pressed. “I love those.”
“Maybe it’s just very thick… Kelp, that is…” offered Lorelei.
“No,” continued Millisine. “I spent an entire lunar cycle studying forests. I know what I’m talking about. There are always breaks, at least little ones.”
The three strained their eyes to see if they could make out any sign of what was causing the sudden blackout. They could not.
The intent look on Seanne’s face told the others she was considering a significant course of action.
“We should turn back,” insisted Millisine. “We should go back until we can get a full report on conditions.”
“I’m with you. I’m not swimming it that… whatever it is,” Lorelei agreed.
Seanne whirled on them so fiercely the water displaced by her magnificent tail almost knocked Millisine against a wall of rock. “No,” she growled. “There is no way we’re going back.”
“Why not,” asked Lorelei? “What will it matter if we wait a while?”
“It will matter to me,” Seanne insisted. “I’m not going back to the city and telling my family that I swam home because it got a little dark. My great-grandfather …”
“Killed Titanous with his own two hands,” Lorelei finished. “We know, Seanne. We all know how brave you and all your ancestors were but this is different. Now all those in favor of going back, raise their hands.”
Millisine and Lorelei, of course, couldn’t raise them any faster.
Seanne, ignoring the democratic process, collected her thoughts for a moment. “You two stay here. I’m going up to see what this is all about.”

I was excited when I first saw this book cover because creepy looking sirens are an instant attraction, even though horror books scare me. This book is not of the horror genre though! I was sadly not super impressed by the book. I think because of the cover, I was expecting the characters to be way more 3 dimensional and multi faceted, but instead they were very flat and kind of predictable. Now, you guys know I complain about predictability all the time and I think it can be done right, but in this case it wasn’t. I personally thought each of the three sirens had great quirks, although I see myself more as a mixture of Seanne, who was more of a warrior, and Millisine, the intellectual one. Even the fact that I can say there is an intellectual one and a strong one though is a problem. This is what I mean by the characters being more well rounded. I do believe that as humans we all have characteristics and traits that stick out but it shouldn’t be the main thing anyone remembers about us. I thought the romance portion of the book was very sweet, because this year I have become a sucker for romance and romantic themes and so the whole soulmate idea makes me all swoony and weak in the knees and such. Overall, the book was very cute and adventurous but it was also one of those once you put it down you can easily forget what you read type books as well. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

How fascinated are you with Sirens? Would you read this book? Have you already read this book? If so, what did you think?If you haven’t read it yet, I left the purchase information below!

THE SIREN CHRONICLES, BOOK 1 is available now in Paperback and for Kindle. Additional eBook formats are coming soon.


Douglas J Sloan Headshot

DOUGLAS J. SLOAN has been a world-renowned storyteller for more than 25 years. He has been the writer, director and executive producer of some of the most successful young adult and children’s programs in history. Starting with the multibillion-dollar franchise Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, for which Sloan wrote, directed and/or produced over 200 episodes, for Fox Kids and then again for The Disney Channel.

Over the next several years, Sloan concentrated on long-form TV programs, starting with the beloved Disney Channel Movie, Johnny Tsunami. What followed was a string of highly successful “DCOMs,” including Motocrossed, Minutemen, and The Princess Protection Program starring Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato and the Nickelodeon smash TV movie, The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, starring Victoria Justice. Most recently Sloan has been the executive producer and head writer of the wildly successful Dreamworks Dragons: Riders of Berk, the 119-episode TV series based on the How to Train Your Dragon book series and film franchise.

Throughout his career, Douglas has either won or been nominated for nearly every television award, including the Emmy, The WGA Award, the Humanitas Prize, The Saturn Award, and the Kid Screen Award. He currently lives in Glendale, CA with his wife, Mindy and their three dogs, Cocoa, George and Betty.


Instagram: #thesirenchronicles
Twitter: / #thesirenchronicles

Ciao Book THOTS!

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