Back To School!

Class based Books/Characters:
Welcome to this week’s top 5 Wedneday post! Some of you are returning back to school and I wanted to prepare you for this venture.For those of you who are like me and no longer have to make that journey, this will be list for all the classes you wish you could have taken!


So you say your career is being a top assassin? Well, I think that’s rather cool. Please share with me important traits for being an assassin! Okay, you are pretty handy with that sword. Stealthy you say? Didn’t you get busted every time you attempted to eavesdrop? Being aware of your surroundings? Didn’t you overlook an entire dimension? Didn’t you eat strange candy? Oh okay, cool story bro.

Starting a New Life 101

When you get sick and tired of dealing with a cheating, no good man and you feel like you would just like a change…BUY YOURSELF A TOWN! It’s quite simple, all you have to do is divorce said man (who we assume is a billionaire because why settle?) and take your settlement winnings and just bugger off to a small town that is on the verge of being bankrupt. See? It’s so easy even a 50 plus year old woman can do it!

Hack Your Way to Her Heart

Have you gone and ruined a relationship with your girlfriend? Worry not my good friend! All you need is to have your planet invaded by people for capital purposes. When you both lose more or less everything, un-stealthily make your way into her computer and send her gorgeous images using series of 0s and 1s.

Royal Etiquette

Any and everything you ever learned from finishing school, your parents, and The Princess Diaries, forget it all right now. They had no idea what they were talking about. I am going to teach you proper Royal etiquette. Meet a boy, let his entire family (except his father) treat you like crap, then fall ridiculously hard for him.Make sure you engage in a healthy dose of slut shaming and VOILA you’re a Royal.

Finding Your Own Spotlight

This is the best class of them all. After having been in the shadow of the smartest girl in school, your older sibling who go the best grades, or the class clown that always got a few more giggles and chuckles than you, you may be seeking a spotlight of your own. Lucky for you, everyone get their own opportunity!All you need to do is continue being yourself and remind anyone who forgets that you are only to be compared to yourself from the day before.

I hope you enjoy these courses, as it was very difficult and extremely entertaining putting them together.

What courses would you suggest? Which of the courses I created would you most like to take?

Ciao Book THOTS!

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