September: I Hope I Read

Well Hello! It’s September already…1 more month til my birthday! This is not what I am supposed to be discussing, let me focus. Alright, this month I have a calendar and some other organizing things to keep me focused on what I need to read, so here is hoping I am actually able to stick to my TBR more.

I actualy did way better at completing last month’s TBR though, so…yeah
Now that I am done praising myself and telling you stuff you didn’t come here to read, let me show you my TBR.

#NotYourPrincess by Lisa Charleyboy & Mary Beth Leatherdale

Dear Delilah by T. Bester

Children of Neptune by Makenna Snow

Animal Graph by M. Black

Raincheck by Marlo Lanz

The Book of Esther by Emily Barton

I am actually really excited about reading these ARCs. I am kind of worried as well, because hell hath no fury than Isatta reading a terrible book, but I tried choosing things that appealed to me. Next will be my two book club books. Some of you may or may not know, I am a member of the Literary Savants and we meet in a game called Second Life once a month to discuss our book of the month. I also recently joined another book club called The Boho Book Club which I am super stoked about. So much so, I am almost done with the book.

Book Club Books

Loving Day by Mat Johnson

Almost by Anne Eliot

By now, you should be wondering if there is anything I plan to read just for me. If you aren’t I just want you to know I feel very unloved and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Books I Think I want to Read*

Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins

The Valiant by Lesley Livingston

* This list is subject to change based on how I feel that day.

This ends my Hopeful reads list. What books do you hope to read this month? Did you complete your previous TBR?

Ciao Book THOTS!

8 thoughts on “September: I Hope I Read

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  1. After your suggestion of “#Notyourpriness”. I purchased it for my sister who loves to read (as you already know). I found myself reading it, enjoying it, then loving it. I do not own many books (many were lost sighs) the few I have my favorite author Stephen King has written them. I have pushed this book in between my collections of horror and feels tho out of place there it belongs there. I have since ordered my sister her own copy of the book. I just hope she does not get one for herself before she opens it as a Christmas Gift` lol

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