Book Haul: What Restriction Looks Like

August Book Haul

This past month, I went through many things so book buying was at the bottom of my list. I didn’t even get an Owl Crate, which hurt my feelings until I saw the box…then was okay, but something is better than nothing. So here is my “list” of books that I received.
August Book Haul

I was at half Price Book Store picking out books because I was being gifted. I honestly didn’t know what to get because my budget was 20 bucks so whatever I wanted to get had to be worth it. I saw Erin Watt’s new book but I didn’t get that one because…15 bucks. So, as I was browsing I saw this book and I have heard someone discuss it before but couldn’t remember who and I thought the cover was dope! I would pretend like I know when I am going to read it, but I know that I would just be telling y’all lies. I do plan to read it though!



Let me tell you what had happened. I saw a book called Confessions of a High School Hater? and I loved the cover and just wanted to get it because it looked like such a fun read! It also fit within the budget considering how “expensive” Uprooted was. So I thought, “I got this! 2 books, no problems!” Then I looked up and saw this book. Please understand Ender’s Game is my all time favorite science fiction novel, so when I saw this book I literally had a Tina moment. I kid you not, I stood there like I obviously made a choice though.

I won something from Goodreads! FINALLY!I wanted this book because in my head I’m like 5 and I need to be way more organized!






Thus complete my August Haul. I know, you’re proud. Next month, you may not be as proud…

Ciao Book THOTS

23 thoughts on “Book Haul: What Restriction Looks Like

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  1. Pass over your clues on how to only buy a couple of books instead of 20 books a day not including pdfs from authors and E-Arcs from Publishers lol. I definitely need that organising book lol. What is organising anyways lol πŸ˜‚


  2. Is the organization book for adults or younger people? I swear each weekend I think I’m going to get set up and organized and by Monday, I forget what I set up.

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  3. I wish I could find a place around me that sells cheap books! My local library has sales but it is every other month. Sticking with Barnes and Nobles until I can find somewhere else.

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