Favorite Bromances

Books I Read Before I Became a Book Blogger:
The sun will come out on Wednesday, we just had to hang on til this Wednesday…now there’s sun. Just thinking about, this Wednesday clears away flood waters and the doomsday…till there’s none. As you can read, I am excited. The rain is finally gone and even though there’s a lot of loss there is a lot of greatness that came from this past event. One of them being, you guys get to read my Top 5 Wednesday list about my favorite bromances.

Ron and Harry

Confused+Scared=Bromance. I would explain these two more, but majority of you already know about them and those who don’t, it’s because they don’t care to.

Loren and Connor

I love love looovveee these two together. They are both hilarious and extremely protective of each other. Their bond was actually part of the reason why this series was so epic. If ou have not read the Addicted to You and Calloway Sisters Series I need you to get with the program!

Madoc and Jared

Understand that I despise Jared. I read Bully and could not stand that monkey, but I adored Madoc and their relationship. I love reading about guys who can joke together and laugh together. I really appreciated that they both kind of grew up a bit and were able to check each other when they stepped out of line.

Ruckus and Vicious

So, mostly when you think of dysfunctional friendships, you think of mean girls.However, this bromantic couple is the epitome of dysfunctional friendships. These two beat the absolute mess out of each other and smiled after…if that’s not a true bromance I don’t know what is.

Unfortunately for you, I am not familiar with a lot of bromances because I only got four. However, if you squint hard and turn your head to the right…no that’s your left….okayy. Yes. The right. You may see five.

What are your favorite bromances?

Ciao Book THOTS!

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      1. You did a fabulous job. I was thinking of participating but it sounded to me like I would be struggling – so I didn’t try it all. 😦 I never would have thought of Loren and Conner and they are the epitome of a BROMANCE.

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  1. I’m with everyone else on only knowing Ron and Harry. However, the rest of the bromances do sound quite intriguing! I love this Wednesday thread!

    Liked by 1 person

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