Hey Everyone!
I am sorry this is so delayed, I am currently in Houston. No, I haven’t floated away but between running outside to unclog our drain and staring out the window every time I hear sirens, I have been a tad bit distracted. I do have a man crush monday for you all though! I read a book that I hid form my goodreads friends because…judgments and my mcm came from there, his name is Toren (He has a full name but I don’t recall what it is.)

Book/Series: Torn:Devil’s Wolves

Author: Carian Cole

Name: Toren

Age Range: 33

Occupation: Animal Rescue

Likes: Saving pets, listening to music,
playing guitar

Dislikes: animal abusers, users

What makes him attractive:
This book was not my most favorite book,however I absolutely swooned over the care Tor showed Kenzi. I mean ladies, and men, imagine a guy who is always there when you need him. A man who drops what he is doing just to make sure you are okay. A man who can be busy but will take a small break just to shoot you a text message to make sure you are okay and don’t need anything. If you are saying to yourself that’s how your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend is now…you shut up and leave us lonely souls to our imagination! Does your significant other have a brother like this though? Asking for a friend

Have you chosen a literary MCM for this week? Who is it and why?

Ciao Book THOTS!

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