Miles Henderson

What a delightful Monday! I hope everyone’s weekend went well. If your weekend sucked, not to worry. I will make not only your weekend better but you coming week as well. Allow me to introduce you to my literary man crush monday this week, Miles Henderson.

Book/Series: First Love (Esquire Series 1)

Author: Cleopatra Kellman

Name: Miles Henderson

Age: 38

Occupation: Sports Agents

Likes: Football, Jazz, Traveling, Fine Dining

Dislikes: Mind Games, Confusion

What makes him attractive:
A man with talented hands to play a saxophone? Jesus, be a fence! I long ago established several things about my taste in men.

  1. Older men are attractive.
  2. I love bald heads.
  3. I love men in locks.
  4. The taller the better.
  5. A beard of any kind and I will consider them downright sexy.

Miles is older (well older than me) and has a bald head though before he shaved it he used to have locks. There was a scene in the book when Robyn seea him in all his baldness and I just sat there dreaming and thinking of what I would give to run my hand over that glorious baldness! Then he had the audacity to be a romantic! Listen, Eli and Dumbledore are my top 2. However, Miles Henderson was really pushing it.

Have you chosen a literary MCM for this week? Who is it and why?
Ciao Book THOTS!

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