Books I Hope to Read


Hi fellow Book THOTS! At the beginning of this summer, I said I was hoping to read 5 particular books. Thus far this summer, I have read 20 plus books and not one of those 5 books were included

In order to make up for this epic failure, I decided to make a more structured Hope to Read list. Now let us hope I actually follow it. This month I am attempting to participate in a few things. I am doing the August Book Bingo, I am also trying to Participate in Tome Topple Read-a-thon 4. Some of these books will intersect which will help me get these challenges done more efficiently. Hmmm…no more information to share

August Book Bingo

A book with magic in it. 

August Book Bingo

A book based on a fairy tale.

August Book Bingo

A book from an author you’ve never read.

August Book Bingo/Tome Topple

A book more than 400 pages.

August Book Bingo

A book that has a movie based off it.

Tome Topple

Beverly Jenkins Fix

Gift from Aunty Nyama

Buddy read with Urooba

This ends my Hopeful reads list. What books do you hope to read this month? Are you participating in any read-a-thons?

Ciao Book THOTS!

14 thoughts on “Books I Hope to Read

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  1. OMG I see myself up there hahaha. This is exciting.
    Also how did you do this tag thing? Like, how did you type in my name which automatically links to my blog? (Sorry new to this, there are gonna be a lot of questions)

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  2. haha, how i know that! every time i say i want to read those books, i choose other ones to read 🙈
    you chose a lot of good books. personally i am most excited about gemina, but i want to wait for it until obsidio comes out to read them back to back 🤗

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