Addicted & Calloway Sister Series

Basic Overview:
Title: Addicted Series & Calloway Sisters Series

Author: Becca & Kristie Ritchie


Book Format: E – Book


My Numeric Judgment:  kasyno-internetowe-gwiazdy


Love doesn’t solve all problems.

The original series, Addicted, begins with the fake love between a sex addict and an alcoholic (Match made in heaven I know). The series follows Loren Hale and Lily Calloway as they make their way through their addictions and discover each other. This series leaks into another series following the Calloway Sisters (named so). Rose Calloway is the second eldest sister and she is in a committed relationship with an brilliant asshole named Connor Cobalt and the two of them assist Lo and Lilly in their road to sobriety. There is also Ryke Meadows and Daisy Calloway, the youngest Calloway sister who was forced to age faster due to a flourishing modeling career. We follow the entire family of sisters as they support Lily and each other through the trials caused by addiction.

Let’s just all be very open and honest with one another and admit most New Adult books are 100 percent fluff and 90 percent trash.

This entire series was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t actually sure what to expect when I started it, because I am a judgmental individual, and the cover looked like a scene from a Britney Spear video…post shaved head Britney, not Pre-Justin Britney That’s no shade because I love Britney. After the cover I was just like

Then I got into it and was shocked! What?!?! No Insta-love? No Solomon Grundy Situationships? This book says Lily and Loren are best friends… and it actually shows their friendships. I do not mean we get like three flashbacks of when they were little and played together. You actually see the bond between the two and their growth as friends as well as the blossoming of their relationship. Then the authors had the nerve to make both characters flawed.

Lily is a sex addict, which is amazing considering the stigma about women who are promiscuous. I love the portrayal of her addiction as well, the authors are very unbias in their representation of sex addiction. Loren is a high functioning alcoholic and this portrayed beautifully as well. The beautiful thing about this book is their addiction does not define them, but you can see the toll their addiction takes on them. I know, I was shocked when I read it too! The best part of this introduction to this series for me, was the fact that love was not the answer to all their damn problems.

Most stories I read, whether YA,NA or romance, they act like love is the answer to every question! You were abused? Let me love you back whole. You are afraid of the dark? Let me love you into bravery. You’re hungry? Let my love feed you. It’s flipping annoying. This entire series proves that while love helps, love alone will not help anyone overcome their life issues. This entire series is about the power of family, the importance of acceptance, and the true meaning of friendship.
Unfortunately for you, I can only really gush about the first book because if I gush about the rest, I will ruin it for you. You need to read all the books in this series. I promise you won’t regret it!

What New Adult books have you read that broke the mold for you?
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