Aiden Graves


Monday,Monday…so good to meeee. What has caused me to break out in song? Several things;
1. I am going bookshelf shopping in a couple of hours at Ikea
2. I have several new books on their way to me (this means I can post a tbr soon)
3. Most importantly It is Man Crush Monday!
I have a bad habit of picking out my MCM of the week, then I read something and just throw that book boyfriend to the side for my newer one, today’s mcm was chosen this same way. My MCM this week is Aiden Graves.


Book/Series: The Wall of Winnipeg

Author: Mariana Zapata

Name: Aiden Graves

Age Range: 30

Occupation: Football Player

Likes: Vegan Home Cooked Meals, Football, Dragon Ball

Dislikes: Violence against women, meaningless relationships



What makes him attractive:
So for those of you who do not know me, most of you, my ideal prototype of a man is Jimmy Jr. Not this guy

(although he is the reason the other Jimmy Jr was given that name), the Jimmy Jr. I am referring to is this guy who is stoic and quiet unless he is comfortable then he is a riot. He is brave and heroic and though he is imperfect, he is perfectly him. Aiden hooked me because reading him reminded me of Jimmy Jr. Aiden is an action type of guy. He has routines to get through his day with the least amount of drama, and he is a problem solver. He never sits and waits to find out what is going to happen next because he makes things happen. The fact that he comes across quiet until he speaks, then he is a hilarious semi-ass hat is the best part of him. While he is very honest and straight forward, it is still jarring when he makes certain statements. Every time I read about him poking fun of someone or just smiling in general I just felt myself go

I never thought I would see the day when I said I love a well organised man but apparently a well organised man does it for me. All those plans, routines, and schedules just makes my heart quake. In short, I like Aiden because Aiden is very much like Jimmy Jr….and big and muscular af!

Who is your MCM for this week? Have you ever chosen a book boyfriend because of your crushes?
Ciao Book THOTS!

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