Caden Banks

Oh it’s Monday, HAPPY DAY! You know, one would think picking a book boyfriend every week is easy, but it isn’t. There are so many literary men and so little time. After a long and arduous search, I finally settled on my man crush for this Monday; Caden Banks. Continue reading “Caden Banks”

Grey Worm


Monday is honestly the best day of the week. I mean honestly, what other day do you have to praise your man crush? Okay, Every day, but it doesn’t have a nice ring to it when you say “Daily Man Crush” like it doe when you say Man Crush Monday…speaking of a Man Crush Monday, Shall we Discuss Grey Worm? Continue reading “Grey Worm”

Linkin Park Tag

I am still new to the book blogging world so this is new to me. Today, Chester Bennington, of Linkin Park, was lost to suicide. To honor him and to find a light in the darkness of his passing, I decided to come up with the Linkin Park Tag. If someone has made this, that’s fine, I didn’t get my questions from them =D. Without further ado, I will begin my first ever original tag; The Linkin Park Tag. Continue reading “Linkin Park Tag”

Mean Girls Tag

This book tag was originally created by Sarah-Jane from The Book Life.
I tagged myself in it when Carrie did it like the true bad ass I am.

In my head I have always been a Mean Girl, even if in reality nobody agrees. I just feel like it is a great feeling for people to raise their hands and one day say they too have been personally victimized by Isatta…goals, right?
Since the monkeys I know won’t let me be great and mean, like I am in my head, I will show my greatness here in this tag. Continue reading “Mean Girls Tag”

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