Chuck Bass

It’s Monday! Man crush Monday, My men Monday, Many fine men Monday…okay maybe the last one was pushing it. It is time to share my many literary male crushes with you. I was thinking about who I would choose this week and decided to go with my blast from the past favorite book bad boy. While I am not one to swoon over bad boys, Chuck Bass is a cut above the rest.

Book/Series: Gossip Girl

Author: Cecily von Ziegesar

Name: Charles “Chuck” Bass

Age Range: 26

Occupation: Socialite, Entrepeneur

Likes: Drinking, Disturbing the peace, Raising hell

Dislikes: Authority, Bad Manners, Users

What makes him attractive:
“I’m Chuck Bass.” The first day I read that, I was sold. Chuck is my favorite guilty pleasure book boyfriend. I usually like a good, nice, wholesome guy with great sense of humor. Until the day I read about Chuck Bass, and then saw him when the show started. Chuck is literally Kanye West, the white version (take it how you want). When I listen to the Life of Pablo Album, I think of Chuck Bass. Chuck posses this asshole persona, yet charming and boyish demeanor. He can charm a penny out of a piggy bank. I think what finalized Chuck as my book boyfriend was his strong loyalty to his loved ones.

Who is your MCM for this week? Do you have any bad boys you adore?
Ciao Book THOTS!

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