Side Ships

Most of the time, the side relationships in novels are like side girlfriends or side boyfriends, the keep you distracted when your main is being frustrating. These side relationships kept me entertained when the main couple at times was pissing me off or there was no main relationship.
Ron and Hermione


I feel like this ship is going to be on quite a few people’s lists. The thing is, I love Ron and Hermione together. I am unsure if it’s the amount of times Ron has called Hermione mental or if it actually happened when Hermione’s Buck teeth where shaved and her frizzy hair was put in a bun for the Yule Ball in Harry potter and the Goblet of Fire. Ron and Hermione was just the best angsty, humor filled couple. I think perhaps this is why I look for the perfect blend of angst and humor in romance now.

Britney and Ollyd2b5ce8f59dfe4b287aa92b697afbdad

Speaking of humor and angst Britney and Olly are just that. Olly is this easy going but wickedly smart college senior. Britney is fun and bubbly and enjoys eating fries with mayonnaise. Through a series of book, we witness the two of them become a couple and I lived for it! I wanted a story about their love sooo desperately!

Collin Khoo and Araminta Lee

This couple is serious but cute. Araminta and Collin are beautiful people who manage to be very low profile in their affections. It is obvious they care about each other, but like everything else they present to the public, it is very subtle.

Finnick and Annie

Finnick and Annie were the most heart breaking side ship. When I was first introduced to Finnick, I thought he was just some pompous but charming, cute guy. After later finding out about Annie, I just wanted to give him a hug.

Lisa and Mav Carter

Could I have looked in my book and found their names? Yes. However, the book is all the way over there and…lazy. S/N: I went to look for their names after I posted this. Starr’s mom and dad are so adorable; they are those relationship goals that people actually talk about. After going through so much obvious drama and trauma, they still love each other dearly and act like it.

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