Tears Were Shed

Basic Overview:
Title: Ask Me No Questions
Author: Marina Budhos
Pg. #s: 176
Book Format: Paperback
My Numeric Judgment: kasyno-internetowe-gwiazdy

They want you to ask them.
Nadira is that fat daughter. She is also the slow daughter, the one who is slow to speak and quick to feel. She is constantly compared to her sister Aisha. Aisha is the perfect sister. She is the sister who is going places and the one who impressed everyone with her knowledge and her ability to adapt. After the arrest of her father and facing the possibility of deportation for being undocumented, the familial roles of these two siblings is flipped. It is up to Nadira to retain the amount of hope needed to help her family through this time.

I cried real, actual tears reading this book. I love reading books that make me think of other people and their experiences. I love having the knowledge of what others deal with and how they live. This book gave me all of that understanding and more.
Ironically, I could relate to both Nadira and Aisha in this book. I call it Ironic because usually when you read a book you can only relate to one person since the characters are usually so different. In this book, although the two main characters were very different, they were also very similar. They both had this feeling of discomfort because of their legal status and their social status. This is completely understandable because as teenagers, I don’t think there is ever really a point where you feel you fit in completely.


I loved the way this book portrayed how difficult it is not just to be undocumented, but to be undocumented and young. Marina Budhos does a fantastic job of shining a light on the “invisible” people of the US. To an extent this took me back to my days of teenage emo-hood when I would sing songs like “Teenage Dirtbag”, no, my teens didn’t occur in the 90s, because it exposed that melancholy loneliness and helplessness that you feel when you are growing. It really hurt my feelings seeing how both Nadira and Aisha had to age faster than they needed to because of situations they could not control. While I feel everything we go through in life shapes the people we become, I never like seeing children forced to age faster than need be, especially not because f irresponsible choices made by government officials. I love this book, I loved the writing style used as well as the geographic and historical context taught in it. I am obviously late to this party because this book was published in 2007, but I do not regret reading it or buying it.
If anything, I now want to go back and buy more books.

What book or books have made you emotional or made you think differently?

Ciao Book THOTS!

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