Literary Man Crush Monday!

It is time for my Literary Man Crush Monday! On Mondays, I like to pay respect to the book heroes! No, not the person who saves the day in the book, (unless he’s cute) I am talking about the guy who makes me swoon! The reason I may be #foreveralone, the guy I read about and say hmm you are going to be my book boo! My Literary Man Crush for today is Colin Khoo.


Book/Series: China Rich Girlfriend
Author: Kevin Kwan
Name: Colin Khoo
Age Range: 28
Occupation: Unsure, but he stands to inherit a few billions
Likes: Traveling, Eating at Singaporean food stalls, Goofing with Nick
Dislikes: Discussing Money, Discussing His family, Discussing his family’s business
What makes him attractive: So to be totally and completely honest with you guys, my original boo from this book/series/trilogy (The 3rd book just came out) is actually Nick Young. However, I am a very vain and shallow individual apparently, I BLAME NEW ADULT, and when I saw the cast pictures for the upcoming movie of Crazy Rich Asians my inner man crush monster (It’s a thing because I said it is.) came out and said “Sorry, Nick who?”. Basically, you have read this entire explanation just to see me say, the actor playing Colin Khoo makes Colin Khoo attractive to me.

Have you read Crazy Rich ? Who is your literary MCM?
Ciao Book THOTS!

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