Farewell Fandom!

Top 5 Wednesday

Fandoms I am No Longer In:

5. Throne of Glass By Sarah J Mass
To be fair, I was never actually in this fandom but this series is a fandom….this is my justification.
I tiptoed into this fandom one lonely day and quickly ran in the opposite direction. This book is terrible and the fandom tries to fight me every time I say it, pero I don’t care I still think it’s terrible! There’s an assassin who does not exude assassin tendencies, which makes this book and series very undesirable.

4. Vampire Academy By Richelle Mead
I think I slowly slipped out of this fandom. When I first read these books I was hooked, it may have had something to do with number 1 on my list. I talked about these books non-stop and recommended them to everyone. Then I just didn’t care anymore. It’s kind of like the meme f Homer Simpson slowly disappearing into some bushes.

3. The Mortal Instruments By Cassandra Clare
Everyone I know who likes to read (4 people), swoon about Cassandra Clare and her books. I understand why, I loved the first 4 books in this series. Sadly, I just started to get bored with it. I would literally be reading the book and zone out or I would roll my eyes. I didn’t want to hate Cassandra Clare forever so I just left that particular fandom. I attempted to watch the show, but issa no. I may step back into Clare-land soon but not into The Mortal Instruments.

2. Once Upon A Time By Odette Beane
Now that I know these are books as well, I can put this in here! Initially, I was sooo excited about this show. Every episode, I was here for it. No one was allowed to speak to me when it was on and I was hooked. I would even count down until the next season would come on. Then, things changed. I just could no longer do it because they are leaving the wonderful world of Disney and entering…I don’t know which world. I still watch the show, but I am no longer a fanatic. I will literally let 2- seasons go and not care.

1. Twilight By Stephanie Meyer
I feel like this is a series everyone loves to hate, but not me. I started reading this series when I was a freshman in High School. I actually remember the first day I was recommended the book (This is how you know I cared). My friend Stephanie, who was a senior, was in the green room (I am a theatre kid) with the first book, Twilight and she was like “Oh it is sooo good!”. So, my friend Ngoc and I went and found it and read it and we were hooked. So hooked, we got sample copies of the second book and inhaled them. I was all in! Then there was buzz for a movie and we would check every day to find out the cast and we were all so sad when the guy we wanted to be Edward and the girl we wanted to be Bella were not chosen but we had hope. Suddenly, my school was overrun with people who HAD to read Twilight and I just felt like
By the third book, I was annoyed and when I read it my irritation grew because I felt like everything changed. I knew I should have abandoned ship then, because I no longer wanted to care…but I did. Like an idiot, I bought the last book and read it. I WASTED MY ENTIRE HIGH SCHOOL BOOK CAREER! For that and that alone I NOT ONLY LEFT THIS FANDOM BUT I HATE IT!

What are some fandoms you left? What are some fandoms you love?

Ciao Book THOTS!

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