CUTE, but no.




Basic Overview:
Title: Sincerely, Carter
Author: Whitney G.
Pg. #s: 237
Book Format: E-Book
My Numeric Judgment: 2f68c-32bstars2bout2bof2b5

The letter started with “Dear Arizona,”


Arizona and Carter have been best friends since 4th grade…5th grade? Depending on who you ask. They have never fallen for the trap of more than friends until one special day.

This is hands down the best terrible book I have ever read! So the book was quite adorable and while I saw everyone else gush about it I must be honest with myself, I gave it 3 stars for the dialogue.

The dialogue was the absolute best part because loads of it had me actually laughing out loud. I loved the banter between Arizona and Josh and Josh and Carter. Basically I loved any conversation with Josh in it. The love story was also quite adorable too….if only….

If only the way they realized they found each other attractive was no so dang random. One moment, nothing. The next OMG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Girl, what? When in the history of ever does this actually happen? I still read it and smiled, it was cute. Cutely unrealistic and this is supposed to be a contemporary novel.

If only every other character’s purpose was NOT to direct our attention back to Carter and Arizona. Seriously! No other character in this book had business of any kind and I know this to be fact because if they did they would have minded it! Everyone’s first thought was; “Are Arizona and Carter together?” I say everyone, not to be dramatic but because even strangers wanted to know. I am lucky when a stranger tells me I have a ketchup stain on my shirt, so how do they have the nerves to ask strangers their business?

My final gripe is not just with this book but with new adult books in general, what on earth it with the almond eyes thing?!?! Is this the ideal woman? Is this sexy now? Was there a memo that I missed? I just want to know, because it’s just as bad as YA writers and there whole (insert any color eyes here) with specs of gold foolishness!

The book was cute don’t get me wrong, but there is a definite lack of substance in this one. Based on the dialogue, I would read another Whitney G. book.
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