It is time for my Literary Man Crush Monday! On Mondays, I like to pay respect to the book heroes! No, not the person who saves the day in the book, (unless he’s cute) I am talking about the guy who makes me swoon! The reason I may be #foreveralone, the guy I read about and say hmm you are going to be my book boo! My Literary Man Crush for today is Jesse Hunt.




Book/Series: Broken and Screwed
Author: Tijan
Name: Jesse Hunt
Age Range: 19/20
Occupation: Student & Star Athlete
Likes: Driving fast, his one friend, and basketball
Dislikes: Feelings, his father, and his father’s women





What makes him attractive: Jesse Hunt is that dark, brooding sort of attractive man. I would say similar to Edward Cullen but he doesn’t glitter in the sun and he wasn’t killed by Lord Voldemort (take it how you want, we all know it’s true). The way he shows affection and care is just beautiful. He’s literally the best all around guy. He has this bad boy image but he has dimples, and was a valedictorian, and an athlete. He is kind of sort of what Mattel hoped to accomplish when they created Ken.
Reading about him lead to one of those swoon-y moments? You know the one where you get angry at yourself for not being able to find a guy just like that? Or when you spend a whole 3 days not speaking to your significant other because you don’t understand why he can’t be Jesse Hunt? No? Just me? Well fine then!
DO you have any literary MCMs? Who is your top one?
Ciao Book THOTS!

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