A Royal Mess


Basic Overview:
Title: Command Me
Author: Geneva Lee
Pg. #s: 365
Book Format: E-Book
My Numeric Judgment:   images

                                                                            ♦SPOILER ALERT♦
The Royals can be quite rude.






Alexander and Clara were strangers until the moment he kissed her. Clara was shocked, but more surprised when their kiss made front covers of magazines. Prince Alexander summons Clara after the magazines reveal who he is and he makes her an offer her body cannot refuse.

Royals saga

As my first official introduction into the world of BD/SM, this book was a lot of fun. By Introduction , I mean sticking our baby toe in the ocean of BD/SM. For the most part this book was more of a Bad Romance, not bad as in the book was terribly written, Bad as in Lady Gaga. Actually come to think of it, Clara and Alexander could have been the inspiration of the lyrics.

The craftsmanship of the characters in this book was marvelous! Often times, minor characters fall by the way side in romance novels but in this book I was just as interested in the stories of the minor characters, like Clara’s roommate and Best friend Belle, as I was in the story unfolding between Clara and Alexander. Outside of the “Ga-ga-oo-la-la” going on between Clara and Alexander, I loved reading about how both families tied into this story. Even though I cared for some characters more than others, because that chick Pepper is just such a
I also loved how we were introduced to the Royals and almost all of them were DISRESPECTFUL! That portion is not actually a spoiler. It was funny because as I was reading the interactions with the King and the Queen Mother, I was just here thinking The Royalty aspect of this book was the most entertaining for me. I think in my head, I have always thought that aristocrats were very haughty and ostentatious but they did it in that southern hospitality manner so the public is none the wiser. So reading about them behaving so terribly just gave me my entire life!
There were bits of this book that I was not a fan of. There was a point, early on, in the book where I remember thinking to myself, “They may as well have called it erotica with a sprinkle of romance.” because for a little while there that was all I remember reading about. I was wrong; there was a greater story outside of the bedroom I just had to keep reading. I also disliked the neediness factor, I understand it all played an essential role in the story, it just wasn’t my thing. Overall the book was great and I am excited to read the next book in this series.

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts on it? If you have read anything similar to what I discussed in this book, feel free to drop me some recommendations!

Ciao Book THOTS!

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