African Erotica is Erotica set in Africa

Basic Overview:
Title: Keeping Secrets (The Essien Trilogy)
Author: Kiru Taye
Pg. #s: 292
Book Format: E-Book
My Numeric Judgment:

                                                                                                  ♦ SPOILER ALERT♦ 
They had a forgettable wedding.

Felix Essien has a paper marriage and a wife he does not remember. He was in a coma after a car accident and now that he has come to, he is excited to get on with life arm-in-arm with his beautiful wife Ebony. If only there weren’t so many secrets. Ebony, is beyond grateful that her “paper” husband is out of his coma and even more thankful that he does not remember their marriage agreement. Believing they have both been granted a sea of luck, the two embark on their wedded bliss until reality comes crashing in.

Allow me to begin by doing my happy dance for reading erotica by an African author.
Unfortunately, Africa and the references to Nigeria and Nigerian food (No, I am not Nigerian I just consider it a win regardless) was the highlight of this book. WAIT! Issa Lie, the erotica portion was also good!I know in every romance, there needs to be a problem of some sort and a resolution. I just wish the problems weren’t so extra. I felt as though the issue of mistrust was just a bit forced after a while. I got to a point where I was saying in my head “Alright sis, we get it can we continue?” Aside from the extended drama based on trust issues, there was also the issue of a non-existent time frame. When reading the book, you think these things are occurring over at least a week or so, and then you find out it has only been two days. You want me to get emotionally invested in these two and their dramatics after 2 days? There was also a mystery building that played a crucial part of the book, but it wasn’t fully developed. I am going to assume that because this is a series, it will continue to unfold as the books continue. This was kind of a letdown for me; the three stars are more because of: African, Nigerian food, and sex scenes. I would still recommend it to other people to read, in hopes that maybe they can come and open my eyes to some good things that I missed because I am struggling to find many.

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