Top 5 Wednesdays

Top 5 Wednesdays
Favorite Minor Characters: I am unsure if all of these are Minor characters, but I used my own discretion.


Peeves the Poltergeist (Harry Potter)
Peeves is hands down my absolute favorite minor character. He has absolutely no serious bone in his body (Yes, he is a poltergeist so he has no bones at all but you know what I mean). Peeves was the best comedic relief throughout the Harry Potter series, he helped me laugh my way through otherwise serious situations in this series.









Chris (The Hate U Give)
Oh Adorable Chris, what would I have done without you in The Hate U Give? Probably cried non-stop. Chris was yet another comic relief in an otherwise emotional draining book, but that wasn’t all Chris was for me in this book. Chris was like the safe space in this book. Every time things got too heavy, Chris would show up and things just felt better.







Millard (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children)

Millard was the best Peculiar child out of all of them, fight me if you disagree. I am unsure if my love for Millard had to do with the fact that I think invisibility is an amazing trait to possess, or because he was so smart. Every hardship he faced made my heart ache. I think every scene that included him just had me grinning from ear to ear because no one seemed to want to understand his invisible child problems.



Professor Kalchefsky (The Wangs. Vs. The World)

So look, if you read this book, you probably do not remember Professor Kalchefsky but I cannot forget him! Something about his “anti-patriotic” soliloquy about the economy and calling out Ala Greenspan just made my soul soar. Granted, the man was absolutely nuts but I thoroughly enjoyed his portion in this book. Actually, I believe he was the funniest character in this book as well as the most straight forward.






Kai (Corrupt)
I am not sure if Kai is a side character or a minor character, but for the sake of my T5W, I am going to call him a minor character. While I could not STAND the main character in this book, Kai was EVERYTHING. I felt like he was one of the characters who had a legitimate reason to be messed up in the head, not to mention the fact that he was just a sexy beast.

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