A Second Round of Applause


Basic Overview:
Title: A Second Helping
Author: Beverly Jenkins
Pg. #s: 400
Book Format: Paperback
My Numeric Judgment:   







There are more blessings.

In this second installation to the Bring on the Blessings Series, Beverly Jenkins brings us back to Bernadine Brown and the inhabitants of Henry Adams County, a small town in Kansas. As the building of this quaint town continues, we are faced with all these questions. Will Bernadine be able to get over her cheating ex? Does Malachi stand a chance with her? Will Crystal ever get rid of that terrible blonde weave? All of that and more unfolds in this book.

For those who don’t know, which is most of you, I absolutely adore Beverly Jenkins! One of my sorority sisters first introduced me to her book for our book club Literary Savants and since then I have been hooked, like it’s a problem. Now, most of the Beverly Jenkins books I have read are her historical romances and they are very….romantic and somewhat steamy, but tastefully done. This series is absolutely nothing like those! This story has a very strong plot but it is more character driven. I was worried that because this is the second book, it would begin to lag and lose my attention, but it absolutely didn’t. I grow more and more in love with these characters with each book, so far.

As you can guess by my MCM post , Malachi is my absolute favorite and he is my boo/bae/boyfriend/book husband and my adoration of him just increases in this book. He’s just so rugged, romantic, and funny…and he’s mine.I actually feel like these books should be TV shows, which is ironic considering how much I hate book to TV series adaptations (but I think that’s only for standalone books to TV series adaptations). I just feel so close to these characters and their personal stories. As the time the characters spend in Henry Adams county increases, I feel as if I am a resident of their community. These books are a great, wholesome, light-hearted read.

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