Literary #MCM

I am an active member of a book club called the Literary Savants, and every Monday I do a Literary Man Crush Monday. As an avid reader, it is absolutely unavoidable to find crushes/husbands/boos/boyfriends in the books we read. So, this is the day I take to shine a light on these delectable specimens for existing in literary format and for giving my exes and potential next high standards to meet.


Book/Series: Bring on the Blessings
Author: Beverly Jenkins
Name: Malachi July
Age Range: Late 50s
Occupation: Owner of the Dog & Cow Diner
Likes: Gambling, Drinking Pepsi, Beautiful women
Dislikes: Food he cannot pronounce and large, well dressed hogs
What makes him attractive: Malachi is a fine specimen of an older male. He is hilarious and once had womanizing tendencies (no, I don’t want my man to be a womanizer but if my man was a womanizer he damn well knows what a woman wants), now his focus is being drawn to one woman in particular. Malachi is a well layered man; just as you think you have him figured out you learn something new about him that make you love him even more.


You will soon come to learn about my affinity for older men, hopefully I can convince you into joining my perverted train.

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